Customer reviews

From some of our customers …

Foxlights and wild dogs 

We were having very poor lambing percentages due to a massive fox and wild dog problem on our property.  We had paddocks going up the side of a hill.  At the top of the hill, we had 30% lambing percentage, in the middle 50% and down the bottom around 70%.  We installed our Foxlights and the difference was incredible! It increased to 70% up the top, 90% in the middle and 110% down the bottom with our twinners.  What a wonderful invention.  Small outlay for a massive increase in profit!

Terry – Queensland Australia

Foxlights and chickens

We have a free range chicken farm.  Foxlights are an essential part of our enterprise.  When our chickens move paddocks, their Foxlights move with them.  We will not have our chickens out without them.  They have definitely controlled the decimation of our flock, as when a fox attacks, he doesn’t just take one, he kills dozens for fun.  So grateful I came across your Foxlights.

David – Victoria, Australia

Foxlights and lambing

I have had the pleasure of using Foxlights first hand for our lambing, and we have experienced incredible results. Compared to other years this is a miraculous improvement. Thankfully with the Foxlights in the tool kit we are confident that we can minimise the losses from foxes. A client at West Wyalong split a mob of ewes and measured 14% more favourable survival from using Foxlights compared to using Alpacas.

Marty Moses, Managing Director – Moses & Sons Woolbrokers Australia

We used 6 around our 50 acres and moved them as needed. Also, later moved a couple to another property where a few ewes were lambing.

We firmly believe that they do as you claim! Graeme saw no foxes at all on his late night ventures into the paddock to check on the ewes. The years before, he had often seen a fox. We also saw no evidence of a lamb being taken by a fox and so can only conclude that there were no lambs taken by foxes over the season.

The batteries lasted very well, but as we have some stud Southdowns who lambed very late, we did replace the batteries in the ones used for them, otherwise, the batteries would normally last a season.

Graeme and Allison – Australia

So far, we have 3 sets of twin lambs on the ground. The last pair were born late yesterday. Earlier in the day, a ewe had a nice big ram lamb but it was still born. I decided to leave it in situ as a plan to see exactly how effective the lights really were. The lamb was still there this morning so I guess we can say your lights are very effective. I am personally very pleased with the result and it has helped overcome the disastrous outcome of last years lambing.

Garth – Australia

Foxlights and roos
For the last couple of years I have been struggling to get a good canola crop off due to roos coming in and decimating my crops.  I had the Foxlights in the shed that I used for lambing season and thought I would give it a go.  Wow what a difference!  I cant say that it 100% stopped the roos but it definitely deterred them enough that I managed to cut quite a significant crop off it this year! Very happy thank you!!

Mark – NSW Australia

Foxlights overseas

We  believe that the Foxlights stopped the (predator) problem overnight. We installed them prior to lambing and they have been in operation ever since. We have found them to be an excellent night time deterrent. To date, we have not had a single predation loss in any of the fields which have had the Foxlights operating. We have had some serious losses in the other fields which have had electric fences and guardian dogs.

John and Eadie – Canada